The Adventures of Nico & Kyra Preview

Nico and Kyra Culpepper were born and raised in Capital City.  Nico is nine years old and Kyra is eight.  Nico and Kyra love Capital City.  They love the bright lights that they can see from the elevated train when they ride home in the afternoon.  They love the sounds of the people they can hear and see on the streets below their third floor window.   Capital City is full of people and excitement.

One Saturday morning Nico and Kyra’s mom and dad wake them up and take them to breakfast at Capital City Diner.  Capital City Diner was famous for their thick golden pancakes and their Pepper  Steak.

Capital City Diner is right around the corner from Nico and Kyra’s apartment building.  Nico and Kyra were very happy to go to Capital City Diner for breakfast.  This was a special treat.  Their parents said that they had some very important news to share with them.

As the family walks down the busy city streets the children smile and chatter about what they are going to order to eat.   Nico always ordered the chocolate chip pancakes.   Kyra loved ordering a BLT with extra bacon.


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